Our Story

Empowering the Muslim Female Youth

RM's mission is to Empower the Muslim female youth to preserve their identity and to be positive members of society.

RM’s primary objective is to serve as a progressive leader in developing teenage Muslim girls socially and behaviorally in the Twin Cities, offering clients a range of social, cultural, religious and network development services and opportunities, delivered with a sound developmental curriculum and delivered by highly trained and educated professionals and other cross-network social service experts.

Rawdatul Muhibbeen (RM) is a startup nonprofit agency providing positive recreational, educational and character building activities for female Muslim youth in the Greater Twin Cities area.  It was founded in August 2016 out of a recognized need from having a young Muslim daughters and from working with other Muslim girls to create and promote positive activities and outlets – outside of their homes and Mosques – that would reinforce their Islamic values and culture in a broader and more diverse segment of our communities, along with the people and organizations that comprise them.  As a devoted Muslim practitioners of thier Islamic faith, RM management knows and participates with a wide network of other Muslim families who also see and embrace an opportunity to seek more positive and progressive steps and programs to support and help their children to become happier and more productive.

RM will establish relationships with local mosques,  libraries, communities and schools in order to engage female Muslim youth and their parents.  RM will assist parents in cultivating their young girls into becoming healthy, positive and religiously sound members of their families, community and the society at large.  A similar effort will be made to establish a companion program in private and charter schools. Participants will feel a sense of belonging, sisterhood and positive self-esteem through the fostering and adherence to a Muslim female identity, social responsibility and healthy peer interactions.  

A major focus of RM is to also develop sustainable relationships with more neighborhoods, public and business organizations to create networking projects to foster partnerships among teenage girls that represent other religious, social and civic orientations and experiences. This type of change will break bi-lateral barriers, increase acceptance and comfort levels and inspire a greater connectivity across more and more diverse incumbent and new generations of girls directly and indirectly involved in the RM program.



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